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Swift Solo Canoes
Swift Osprey

Paul puts the Swift Osprey to the test on the White River in West Michigan.
Photo by Jim Leitch

  The solo paddler is the most demanding of all wilderness paddlers. Rugged individualists they tend to be highly skilled, demanding and form strong personal bonds with their boats. To please their specific styles and interests, we offer two solo canoes designed by John Winters, an ardent solo paddler himself. Fast, maneuverable and seaworthy, both boats have John's distinctive asymmetrical water-lines and profiles coupled with a gentle turn of the bilge. These are the first Canadian "all-purpose", high performance solo canoes.  



Price List - Canoes

Swift Solo Canoes Prices

Model Swiftech Expedition Kevlar Ultralight Kevlar
Osprey 15' 50lbs $1245 44lbs $1695 40lbs $1895
Raven 15'4" N/A 48lbs $1695 N/A
Shearwater 16'2" 52 lbs $1245 46 lbs $1645 42 lbs $1845

SOLO Canoes Specifications

Osprey Raven
Overall Length 15' 15'4"
Water-line Length 14'4" 14'9"
Gunwale Width 26" 29"
Maximum Width 30" 32.25"
Water-line Width 27'5" 29"
Bow Height 18" 21"
Centre Depth 12" 14"
Stern Height 15.5" 19"
Bow Rocker 1.5" 3.25"
Stern Rocker 1" 3"
Hull Shape Assymetrical Assymetrical
Optimum Load Range 150-260 LBS 200-300 LBS
Weights Osprey Raven
Swiftech 50 LBS N/A
Expedition Kevlar 44 LBS 48 LBS
Ultralight Kevlar 40 LBS N/A