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 At home in the rough stuff: Rendezvous Crew Member Paul puts a Royalite 16'4" Swift Dumoine to the test below a drop on the Oxtongue River in Canada. In Expedition Kevlar, Royalex or Royalite, the Dumoine is one of the most-versitle tandems from Swift. It tracks well on flat-water, is extremely stable, yet it "changes direction like a rabbit" in the white stuff, notes outdoor writers Dave & Beth Buckley. The Dumoine weighs only 62 pounds in Royalite; 72 pounds in Royalex. (Photo by Jim Leitch.)

River tripping and white-water canoes are something special. Paddlers are always amazed that these Swift models, with such extreme rocker, are able to track so well. The key is in their unique asymmetrical profiles and water-liens. No other white-water tripping boats can match these boats for acceleration and response to control strokes. Like all John Winters designs, they make easy work of the most confused waves and currents. Over most versatile canoes, these are the "do everything'' "take you anywhere'' boats. Expedition-proven, they handle white-water as well as any dedicated white-water canoe and will put all but the very best flat-water boats to shame when the going gets tough on the big lakes. Sized to carry the gear necessary for extended wilderness travel, they are also seaworthy and safe for families.


Price List - Canoes
River Tripping & Whitewater Canoes Prices

Model Royalite Royalex Expedition Kevlar
Dumoine 16'4" 62lbs $1145 72lbs $1145 58lbs $1745
Madawaska 16'4" N/A 72lbs $1145 58lbs $1745
Yukon 17'6" 69lbs $1195 79lbs $1195 62lbs $1795

River Tripping & White Water Canoes Specifications

Madawaska Dumoine Yukon
Overall Length 16'4" 16'4" 17'6"
Water-line Length 15'10" 16' 17'
Bow Height 23" 23" 23"
Centra Depth 15.5" 15" 15"
Stern Height 23" 20" 20"
Hull Shape Assymetrical Assymetrical Assymetrical
Optimum Load Range 300-510 LBS 340-530 LBS 440-640 LBS
Freeboard (with optimum Load Range) 10.25" 10" 9.75"
Weights Madawaska Dumoine Yukon
Expedition Kevlar 54 LBS 58 LBS 62 LBS
Royalite (r) N/A 62 LBS 69 LBS
Royalex (r) 72 LBS 72 LBS 79 LBS