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A Mattawa's Stability
Secondary Stability = Peace of Mind
A paddler puts a Champagne colored Mattawa Tandem through a solo maneuver
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The nimble and easy-paddling tandem canoe is the standard for all canoe trips, regardless of the length of the journey. But all tandems, like all paddlers, are not created equal. Experienced Paddlers need a boat that matches their skills, and the aspiring novice wants a canoe that they won't grow out of. It is with these paddlers in mind that Swift Canoe & Kayak Co. developed the The Mattawa, The Kipawa and The Winisk, the largest of the three. Their unique, asymmetrical water-lines and underwater profiles provide unprecedented paddling efficiency and control. Gently-rounded bilges and flared top-sides keep you dry and comfortable in the most severe conditions. Bow paddlers say they finally have a rockered bow that really responds, and the straighter keeled stern keeps the canoe on course, making life a relaxing pleasure for stern paddlers.



Price List - Canoes

Modern Cruising - Tripping Canoes Prices

Model Swiftech  Expedition Kevlar Ultralight Kevlar
Mattawa 15'8" 56lbs $1117  47lbs $1625 43lbs $1825
Kipawa 16'6" 58lbs $1195  49lbs $1645 45lbs $1845
Winisk 17'6" 62lbs $1245  53lbs $1695 48lbs $1895

Modern Tripping Canoes Specifications

Mattawa Kipawa  Winisk
Overall Length 15'8"  16'6" 17'6"
Water-line Length 15'4"  16' 17'
Gunwale Width 36" 36" 36"
Water-line Width 33"  32.5" 33"
Bow Height 21" 22"  22"
Centre Depth 13.25" 14" 14"
Stern Height 18.5" 19" 19"
Bow Rocker 2.5" 3.5" 3"
Stern Rocker 1.75" 1" 1"
Hull Shape Assymetrical Assymetrical Assymetrical
Optimum Load Range 290-430 LBS  360-510 LBS 410-570 LBS
Freeboard (with optimum load range) 9"  9" 8.785"
Weights Mattawa Kipawa Winisk
Swiftech 56 LBS 58 LBS  62 LBS
Expedition Kevlar 47 LBS 49 LBS 53 LBS
Ultralight Kevlar 43 LBS 45 LBS 49 LBS