This Pakesso is designed for the smaller kayaker or anyone heading out on shorter trips. It is 14' 6" long and 22 ½" wide. This composite kayak is perfect for daily outings on the sea or on a lake, or for trips of up to a week or more. The Pakesso is middle range between our 13' Ookpik and 17' Ellesmere models. It is more of a small-sized sea kayak than a recreational kayak. It comes with the same rudder as the Ookpik, with recessed deck fittings and two watertight hatches with covers that are flush to the deck. The Pakesso is a kayak with a chine, characterized by impressive performance despite its diminutive size.
Pakesso is the Abenaki word for ruffed grouse, well known as a partridge in North America. The ruffed grouse is a bird with a wonderful red or grey plumage. This plumage is usually fan-shaped over the head of that bird that we can see in bushes of dense forests. Indians used to call it "carpenter bird" because of the sound he does with its wings at spring time.

Length: 14'6"
Width: 22 ½"
Front depth: 13 ¾"
Rear depth: 10 ½"
Cockpit: 16" x 30" Front compartment: 10½" x 10½"
Volume: 71L (18.6 us gal)
Rear compartment: 15" x 10¾"
Volume: 110L (29.1 US gal)
Total volume: 391L (103.3 US gal)

Base Price w. Rudder & Cockpit Cover: $2599.00

Without Rudder Option: $2599.00
Add Kevlar Layup Option: $569.00
Add Carbon/Kevlar Option: $999.00
COLORS: Pastel Sun, Pastel Sky, Pastel Apple; Safey Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Red; Classic Blue, Classic Burgundy, Classic Cork, Classic White.

(2 Colors -- Deck & Seat/And or Cockpit Rim -- Can be Combined at No Extra Cost).

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