BORÉAL DESIGN is proud to introduce its first recreational kayak, perfectly suitable for travel on lakes, rivers and short trips along the coastline. Owing to its reassuring initial stability, the Ookpik is ideal for beginners. Excellent directional stability allows use without a skeg or rudder. The Ookpik is not as long as conventional sea kayaks, making river travel most enjoyable. More experienced paddlers will be able to navigate class three rapids.

The large cockpit offers a comfortable fit for occupants of varying sizes. Based on the design of our Ellesmere sea kayak, the Ookpik features hard chines, a long waterline and a slightly arched hull. Its speed, stability and manoeuvrability are truly surprising.

Several versions are available.

Standard Ookpik:
Rear compartment and hatch, 2 shock cords (in front of and behind the occupant), 2 carrying handles, a ring to lock the kayak, comfortable seating (adjustable back, padded cover) and adjustable footrests.

  • Option 1: bulkhead in the rear compartment to ensure waterproofness.
  • Option 2: front compartment and bulkhead, two extra shock cords on the kayak deck.
  • Option 3: rudder.

"Ookpik" is the Inuit word for the snowy owl, the emblem of Quebec







24 1/2"


18'' x 32"

50 lbs.

Front hatch (option)

Stern hatch 


14 1/2'' x 12 1/2"

50 L

95 L

Material: rotomoulded super linear polyethylene
Weight : basic (50 lbs), option 1 (51 lbs), options 1&2 (52 lbs), options 1&3(54 lbs), all options (55 lbs)



Base Price w. Rear Bulkhead, Spray Skirt & Cockpit Cover: $750.00
Plus Shipping & Handling; Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts.
Ookpik With Cockpit Cover, Spray Skirt & Paddle: $825.00
COLORS: Cream, Sand, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Purple, Cobalt, Orange, Multicolor.

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