The Nanook
The Nanook: Paddlers weighing 180 lb. and more can finally paddle a sea kayak that is comfortable, made to measure and one that PERFORMS! Measuring 17 feet 8 inches and designed with ample room for legs, thighs and feet, the composite-made Nanook is a deeper, wider expedition boat than its brothers The 18' Saguenay and 17' Alvik. You will stay dry, even weighted down, during expeditions in windy weather because this kayak cuts through waves. Also equipped with recessed deck fittings, this kayak comes with a Feathercraft rudder and safety deck lines. Nanook is the Inuit word for polar bear. The white bear is a pure-bred animal, endowed with a Herculean strength. He lives courageously in eternal ices. He reigns supreme over this glacial loneliness and he's the biggest land carnivorous.

Length: 17'8"
Width: 24 ¼"
Front depth: 15"
Rear depth: 11½"
Cockpit: 17½" x 33" Front Compartment: 10 ½" x 10 ½"
Volume: 71L (18.6 US gal)
Rear compartment: 15" x 13"
Volume: 153L (40.4 US gal)
Total volume: 489L (129.2 US gal)

Base Price w. Rudder & Cockpit Cover: $2290.00
Add Kevlar Layup Option: $500.00
Add Carbon/Kevlar Option: $850.00
COLORS: Pastel Sun, Pastel Sky, Pastel Apple; Safey Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Red; Classic Blue, Classic Burgundy, Classic Cork, Classic White.

(2 Colors -- Deck & Seat/And or Cockpit Rim -- Can be Combined at No Extra Cost).


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