Labrador 18'4"





Weight : fiber / kevlar / carbon



13.75" at the bow 
9" at cockpit

16" x 30.5" Keyhole Cockpit

56 / 450 / 447 lbs.

(5.2 m)

(55.9 cm) 

(30.5 cm at the bow) 
(20.3 cm at the stern)

(39 x 53 cm)

(23 / 20 / 18 kg)  


Forward hatch 

Stern hatch 

105 US gal

 25 US gal

32 US gal

(400 l)

(97 l) 

Standard: Skeg or Rudder; Options: day hatch
Colors: cream, yellow, red, sand, teal, purple, orange
 * Lids and skeg: black


The LABRADOR 18'4" is one of BORÉALDESIGN's newest kayaks.

This medium volume model is a member of the family of the reverse hard chine, a line of performance-oriented kayaks for which BORÉALDESIGN is well known. The Labrador is designed for paddlers looking to combine speed and exceptional tracking ability with sufficient storage for excursions lasting several days. The Labrador's long waterline and hull shape are optimized to reduce the impact of wave and water friction. The Labrador is available with a variety of options, including rudder or skeg, a comfort or backband seat and the choice of adding a day hatch and third bulkhead.

Labrador is a vast territory, particularly rich in mineral ore. It is part of Newfoundland and shares a border with the Province of Québec.

The Labrador coast, extending over 1125 km, is crisscrossed with fjords, bays and small sounds. While the coastal regions and northern Labrador are characterized by huge expanses of bare rock and tundra, river valleys and areas inland are covered with forest reserves.



Base Price, Fiberglass w. Retractable Skeg & Neoprene Cockpit Cover: $3029.00

Add Day Hatch Opton: $180.00
Add Kevlar Layup Option: $569.00
Add Carbon/Kevlar Option: $999.00

COLORS: Pastel Sun, Pastel Sky, Pastel Apple; Safey Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Red; Classic Blue, Classic Burgundy, Classic Cork, Classic White.

(2 Colors -- Deck & Seat/And or Cockpit Rim -- Can be Combined at No Extra Cost).

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping & Handling; Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts Available.

"IceBreaker Sale" Purchases Before April 1 Always Equal Big Savings!

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