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23 ½" 

13 ½"

16 ½" X 31" 

 63 lbs.

(5,18 m) 

(59,7 cm) 

(33,0 cm)

(42 X 79 cm) 

(2,.6 kg) 


Total volume

Forward Hatch

Stern Hatch 

19 US gals

105.7 US gal

10" X 10"

14 ½" X 12 ½"

(73 l) 

(400 l)

(25 X 25 cm) 

(37 X 32 cm) 
Colors: yellow, red, turquoise, multicolored

  • materials: superlinear polyethylene, rotomolded
  • recessed deck fittings & deck lines
  • high-quality Feathercraft TM rudder
  • comfortable seat with adjustable back rest, thigh supports
  • 2 large access hatches, 2 storage riggings (self rescue, chart holder)
  • stainless steel hardware, rubber washers, U-bolt
  • paddle holder


As with other sea kayaks, the Inukshuk was developed with a CAD software (computer-assisted design). This software enabled us to evaluate with accuracy the stability, speed, draft and wind resistance. Within this unique computer design, it was possible to develop and create a performance-oriented kayak that is easy to paddle and combines speed and stability.

The Inukshuk is unique. Certainly the fastest one in its category. A long waterline length with a thin entry result in a kayak that tracks very well. The hull has a moderate rocker that enables the kayak to turn easily when leaned. Due to its low profile the Inukshuk offers a low resistance to wind.

The Inukshuk is well-crafted, comfortable, roomy, responsive and quick acceleration kayak. It will provide years of maintenance-free paddling at an affordable price.

Base Price w. Rudder, Spray Skirt & Cockpit Cover: $1350.00
Plus Shipping & Handling; Big Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts.
COLORS: Cream, Sand, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Purple, Cobalt, Orange, Multicolor.

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