Fjord 16'4" Composite
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Weight : fiber / kevlar / carbon



12" at the bow 
8" at the stern

15½" x 21" Oval Ocean or 16" x 30" Keyhole

50 / 44 / 40 lbs.

(5.2 m)

(55.9 cm) 

(30.5 cm at the bow) 
(20.3 cm at the stern)

(39 x 53 cm)

(23 / 20 / 18 kg)  


Forward hatch 

Stern hatch 

92 US gal

 18 US gal

29 US gal

(350 l)

(70 l) 

 (110 l) 
Options: skeg, day hatch
Colors: cream, yellow, red, sand, teal, purple, orange
 * Lids and skeg: black

FJORD 16'4 

The FJORD 16'4" is one of BORÉALDESIGN's newest kayaks.

The Fjord with skeg is designed for the intermediate paddler seeking technical proficiency.
A reverse hard chine and semi-arched hull add to the kayak's secondary stability and outstanding manoeuvrability, allowing the occupant to perfect lean style paddling techniques.

The skeg control system allows the skeg to be adjusted to provide the exact amount of blade immersion required to maintain a course in windy or choppy conditions.

A composite model (fibreglass, Kevlar® or carbon) is available for paddlers seeking a combination of low weight and performance.

Fjord is a Norwegian word and refers to a steep-walled, generally deep inlet between high rocky cliffs that was gouged out by the passage of a glacier and flooded by the sea.


Base Price, Fiberglass w. Retractable Skeg & Neoprene Cockpit Cover: $2470.00

Add Day Hatch Opton: $180.00
Add Kevlar Layup Option: $510.00
Add Carbon/Kevlar Option: $900.00

COLORS: Pastel Sun, Pastel Sky, Pastel Apple; Safey Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Red; Classic Blue, Classic Burgundy, Classic Cork, Classic White.

(2 Colors -- Deck & Seat/And or Cockpit Rim -- Can be Combined at No Extra Cost).

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping & Handling; Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts Available.

"IceBreaker Sale" Orders Before April 1 Always Equal Big Savings!

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