As with other sea kayaks, the Esperanto was developed with a CAD software (computer-assisted design). This software enabled us to evaluate with accuracy craft stability, speed, draft and wind resistance. With this unique computer design it was possible for us to develop and create a kayak that is easy to paddle, combining speed and stability.

Certainly the longest and the fastest one in its category, the Esperanto is unique. It features a long waterline length with a thin entry result in a kayak that tracks very well. The Esperanto is easy to paddle, comfortable and stable, with ample legroom and excellent storage capacity.

For your comfort, we have equipped the seat with a very comfortable padded seat cover and an adjustable backrest. An easily adjustable footrest system, a high-quality anodized aluminum rudder, high-density microcell bulkheads and rubber washers attached to the stainless steel hardware are examples of our attention to detail and our commitment to quality.

Rotationally molded from superlinear polyethylene with mold-in graphics, the Esperanto will provide years of maintenance-free paddling at an affortable price.

Colors: red, yellow, teal, multicolor (yellow/red, yellow/teal, yellow/red/teal), violet.

Option: - 1 middle access hatch







95 lbs.

13 1/2"

17" X 32"

95 lbs.

5.94 meters

72.5 cm
43 kg

34.6 cm

43 cm X 81.6 cm

43 kg

Forward hatch 

Stern hatch   
Center Hatch (option) Total volume

10" x 10": 15 US gal

14 1/2" x 12 1/2": 25 US gal
18" x 14" 738 L

25 cm x 25 cm: 59 L

37 cm x 32 cm: 97 L
46 cm x 37 cm 192 US gal


Base Price w. Rudder, Spray Skirt & Cockpit Covers: $1685.00
Plus Shipping & Handling; Big Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts.
Add Center Hatch/Bulkhead Option: $150.00
COLORS: Cream, Sand, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Purple, Cobalt, Orange, Multicolor.

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