The Ellesmere: Available with 16"x30" Keyhole or 15 ½" x 21" Oval/Ocean Cockpit

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Weight : fiber / kevlar / carbon



12" at the bow 
8" at the stern

15½" x 21" Oval Ocean

or 16" x 30" Keyhole

50 / 44 / 40 lbs.

(5.2 m)

(55.9 cm) 

(30.5 cm at the bow) 
(20.3 cm at the stern)

(39 x 53 cm)

(23 / 20 / 18 kg)  


Forward hatch 

Stern hatch 

92 US gal

 18 US gal

29 US gal

(350 l)

(70 l) 

 (110 l) 
Options: skeg, day hatch
Colors: cream, yellow, red, sand, teal, purple, orange
 * Lids and skeg: black


The ELLESMERE is one of BORÉALDESIGN's most-popular kayak creations, combining tradition and innovation. Research we have conducted on different hull shapes has resulted in the introduction a few years ago of a new kayak that is both rapid and responsive, two concepts that tend to be diametrically opposed. 

In an era when kayak construction was severely limited by tools, methods of construction and scarcity of materials, the Inuit clearly demonstrated remarkable ingenuity by building efficient, elegant kayaks. 

The materials available today offer many advantages: rigidity, performance and lightness, allowing our designers a great deal of latitude regarding kayak shape. They are no longer limited by the need for a frame, so they have explored to great depth the concept of hard chine developed by the Inuit. 

Mirroring the elegance of traditional sea kayaks, the shape of the ELLESMERE combines the advantages of hard chine and a rounded arch. It quickly became evident to us that we should associate the shape of a shallow-arch hull with the more conventional hard chine. Hard chine provides exceptional secondary stability; however, the flat surfaces inherent in this design mean that a greater amount of surface comes in contact with the water. Added friction is decreased by replacing the traditional «V» shape with a shallow arch. 

The next step of our design process was to search out the ideal position for the chines in order to enhance kayak responsiveness. More questioning led us to another innovative concept, the reverse hard chine. This concept, which is unique to BORÉALDESIGN, optimizes kayak behavior during a lean turn. Instead of following the natural curve of the kayak, the inverted chine coincides with the waterline during a lean turn. The craft tends to bite through the water, thereby improving the turning effect. 

You will be delightfully surprised by the ELLESMERE's ability to roll. The comfortable, close-fitted adjustment of the low cockpit allows you to lie back during rolls. Although designed for the experienced paddler, no element of safety has been neglected, and the ELLESMERE is extremely well equipped. A deck line runs along each side of the craft and there are binders to secure a maritime map, additional baggage, emergency paddle, and also to allow recovery using a paddle float. A retractable skeg, day hatch, and compass mount are available as options. The kayak's compartments are extremely watertight and sealed with rubber lids. The ELLESMERE's deck fittings are recessed and its very low profile affords minimal resistance to wind.

Base Price, Fiberglass w. Retractable Skeg & Neoprene Cockpit Cover: $2949.00

Add Day Hatch Opton: $180.00
Add Kevlar Layup Option: $569.00
Add Carbon/Kevlar Option: $999.00

COLORS: Pastel Sun, Pastel Sky, Pastel Apple; Safey Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Red; Classic Blue, Classic Burgundy, Classic Cork, Classic White.

(2 Colors -- Deck & Seat/And or Cockpit Rim -- Can be Combined at No Extra Cost).

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping & Handling; Off-Season Savings; Package Discounts Available.

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