Who We Are...

Rendezvous Outfitters is your Internet BaseCamp and exclusive Michigan Distributor for fine Sea Kayaks & Canoes from Boreal Design, Swift, QCC, Chestnut and Spencer-Hurley. We also offer fine, heirloom quality wood-canvas canoes like dad and granddad used to paddle, as well as a modest selection of fine paddlesport equipment and outdoor adventure gear.

There is a place, deep in the woods of Northern Saskatchewan and far, far from any highway, that is accessable to this day only by a very old trail, one still worn deep from The Days of The Fur Trade.  

The 13-mile Methye Portage hits The Height of Land here at "Rendzvous Lake,'' a small, pearl-like body of water when the light is right. Rendezvous was a special gathering point, a meeting place in the days of The Voyageur, for the annual late-summer gathering of traders, explorers and adventurers. 

It was here, at this place nine miles into the trail, that Voyageurs from Points North and their canoe-paddling comrades from Lake Superior met for their annual Rendezvous ... here, at this wee lake that flows north towards the Arctic Ocean at one end and back down to Hudson's Bay at the other. Today, if you're lucky, you can hear a lone wolf howl accross the shore of Rendezvous Lake, calling for others to gather with him, to come to this special meeting place. 

In the spirit of The Lone Wolf and those Adventurers of Old, Rendezvous Outfitters is proud to offer its products and services, to serve as Your Meeting Place for fine Canoes, Sea Kayaks and Traditional Wood/Canvas Canoes, as well as other Paddlesport and Outdoor Camping Equipment. 

We are based in Rockford, Michigan, 10 miles north of Grand Rapids... doing business as Swift's sole distributor in Michigan via "Rendezvous'' appointment meetings with individual customers. 

Give us a call at (616) 874-6290 (Dixon) to make an appointment and come for a test paddle if you like. We can also arrange to Rendezvous with you somewhere. 

Wishing we were headed for Saskatchewan this summer, I remain 


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